When I was in elementary school, my art teacher showed me a book of assorted art pieces and asked me to pick the ones that stood out to me.  All my favorites were photographs.  In high school I finally got to take an actual photography class with a darkroom.  My first experience watching the paper slosh around in the solution tray, slowly revealing a fully formed photograph, was an unforgettable moment.  During college I began studying photojournalism and learned the many facets of telling a story with a camera.  Learning photography tips from my friends Austin and Lauren and spending countless hours in the Fine Arts Library inspired me to make photography my profession and not simply a hobby.


Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson would cover the silvery parts of his Leica with black tape so as not to draw attention to himself. I too believe the best way to achieve a great photograph is to catch people in their natural state. I am unobtrusive and respectful while providing you with beautiful documentary-style photographs of your big day.

You can contact Zach at (830) 237-6048 or email hunt.zach@gmail.com with any questions or to arrange a consultation.


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