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Wedding photographs

Vicky & Mike

Vicky and Mike were married at Southwestern University in Georgetown. The reception was then held at Fortune Chinese Seafood off of North Lamar in Austin. If you’ve never been to a Chinese wedding, I highly recommend it. There is a familial feel to every activity including a tradition in which each table toasts with the bride and groom separately. It was a joyous occasion and another great wedding. Did I mention that they look very cute together? See photo above. Congrats, Vicky and Mike!


Abbi & Reagan

Priscilla & Chris

Erinn & Jimmy


Nikki & Andrew

Nikki & Ben

Tracey & Kelly

This wedding was pretty special not only because I was flying solo this time but because it was such a huge, festive occasion. The wedding was held at Mercury Hall, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves (you can tell from the many crazy dancing photos). Overall, the wedding was a great success. Not to mention, Tracey was so polite and didn’t mind having a photographer squeeze into the already packed dressing room to capture her getting ready. I think my favorite memory of this wedding was when Tracey danced with her father to a very slow traditional Spanish ballad. It was surprisingly dreamlike and completely beautiful. I’m pleased to present Tracey and Kelly’s wedding. Congratulations!